I ain’t afraid of nothing!

thequeenofshebasays asked: You know... I didn't read the rest of your bio until now... Ugh... But I don't wanna be sacrificed to SPF... Argh!!

We’ll let you off just this once but spread the word so no one makes this mistake again.

thequeenofshebasays asked: Who did you kill/sleep with/bribe to get that URL!? Freaking lucky!!! ;)

You don’t want to know.

firstouchdude asked: What's it like being the most loved character on the walking dead? #teamdixion

How would we know? We’re not Norman.

klemdikson asked: You are a terrific actor! I admire your actor's talent. I look forward to your new roles.

We’re not Norman, babe. We, too, look forward to his future roles :)

PSA: WE ARE /NOT/ NORMAN REEDUS. We’re simply a fan blog.

Anonymous asked: Ты не норман!!