Make you choose - Dark or Blonde hair?

First photo of Norman Reedus in Robert Kirkman’s “AIR”

Anonymous asked: Yes, I have a friend who would willingly be sacrificed to Sean so you can keep your URL.

Your friend is our kind of woman/man.

Anonymous asked: So how come you guys have the best URL in the Reedus fandom but y'all never reblog anything?

To annoy you.

I have a full time job. I don’t always have the time to find things to post.

julialovereedus asked: Norman, please tell me it's true that Daryl Dixon you're playing in "the walking dead" dies? I will not survive this, will cut your veins if it would be so, my life is - YOU, without you it's empty

1. We’re not Norman and 2. we have absolutely no idea whether or not Norman will die as, like everyone else, we know what happens on TWD as we watch it. We’re just plain old regular fans, that’s all.

Anonymous asked: By instagram "normans_cat" who account?

No idea, sorry.

Anonymous asked: Hey, why Norman is unfollow Emily instagram and twitter? Im really sad

I have no idea. We don’t know, and we don’t try to form opinions on who and why Norman follows or unfollows on his social media. It’s his business.

Anonymous asked: This isn't about Norman :( but would you have any advice fore someone starting out on Tumblr haha

Um, really all you gotta do is follow blogs who interest you and post things that strike your fancy. There are more than likely hundreds and maybe even thousands out there who have the same interests you do and that’s how people follow you. Tag whatever you post yourself and if you want to, tag reblogs as well and then people can find you that way as well. Good luck and have fun :)

ohpieceacandy asked: I have been in love with you since the first time I seen you in Six Ways To Sunday. I am one of your biggest fans.

Sorry love, we’re not actually Norman.

Anonymous asked: how perfect is norman reedus?

Absolutely perfect.